Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Metro Kids vision is to see communities transformed by raising up leaders, teachers and pastors from the streets and from the poverty stricken neighbourhoods of Cape Town and beyond; empowering and developing children, one by one, that they may bring hope to the next generation, bearing fruits that will change the nation.

Metro Kids is committed to serving children and young people   who were been born into difficult circumstances. Poverty often leads parents to destructive lifestyles that affect the children born into these circumstances.

HIV, AIDS and child-headed homes are common in South Africa. Violent crime is prevalent in many townships in Cape Town. Inequality of wealth and high levels of unemployment are major issues. Then there’s poverty, alcoholism, drug addiction and the absence of a father in many children’s lives. What’s more, South Africa has one of the worst rape statistics against children in the world. This is what the majority of children growing up in South Africa face.

South Africans do not want their children’s lives to be damaged by the issues around them, but instead want their children to grow up in safe communities with young people becoming responsible adults. Metro Kids’ goal is “ to help children create a better future”. Everything Metro Kids does is with this in mind. All programmes and activities that Metro Kids staff and volunteers engage in are aimed at enabling children and young people to have the tools to make good choices, which will help them grow into responsible adults who will be will role models in their communities.

How We Do This

  • We teach Christian-based life skills and values each week at Sidewalk, the after-school programme thousands of children attend. We conduct school assemblies, camps, small groups and personal mentorship programmes, teaching Christian based-values.
  • We establish personal relationships and mentorships through the One By One child penpal programme and weekly home visits.
  • We donate compassionate care food parcels, clothing and school supplies to those families who are in great need.
  • We work together with other non-profit organisations and churches for the benefit of the children and young people.