Here at Metro Kids, we work closely with volunteers. There are different ways of volunteering at Metro Kids:

For people who live in the Cape Town area there are opportunities to work alongside children and teenagers and help make a difference in their lives. There are different ways of volunteering, from helping at a weekly Sidewalk after-schools site: to being part of the team at a local school assembly; to making costumes for drama plays; to helping with administration; to blessing the work of Metro Kids with a financial gift. Please consider giving a little of yourself to support the young people of Cape Town and be part of transforming lives.

For more information, email office@metrokidsafrica.org or telephone the Metro Kids office Tel +27 (0)21 531 2653

We welcome church groups or individuals to come and visit Metro Kids and see for yourself how life is lived in the townships of South Africa. We can promise you this visit will touch your heart and make a lasting impression as you see the passionate young people Metro Kids works alongside. Despite the many hardships these young people have grown up with, it is inspiring to see them standing up in their own communities and challenging their peers and younger children to live a life based on Christian principles.

Opportunities to serve:

Help with the weekly programmes

Be part of a special camp

Lead training days for staff and Junior Leaders

Assist with a home makeover

Be part of a special project with compassionate care

If you as an individual or a group wish to come and serve at Metro Kids, please contact janet@metrokidsafrica.org

Long-term volunteers

We welcome people to come and spend three or six months or even longer at Metro Kids. This is an opportunity for personal growth as you see at firsthand how others in a different culture live. You will become part of the Metro Kids team and join the weekly programmes.

What you will learn

  • You will develop new skills working with children.
  • You will learn how to teach Christian lessons to children whether that be in a church situation, school assemblies or in a community.
  • You will see yourself being personally developed as you learn to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

What you will do

You will join the Metro Kids team in carrying out the programmes that happen each week.

Mornings are mainly office based planning for the Sidewalk after school programmes, making props and various teaching and team building exercises.

Afternoons you will be out and about in the communities we work in. You will join in home visits, Sidewalk programmes, compassionate care giving, and teenage training sessions.

No week is ever the same. At Metro Kids we value whatever special skill you have and seek to utilize this. Our past volunteers have benefitted Metro Kids greatly whether it be through teaching drama, art, computer skills, financial planning or graphic design; each volunteer has added something to Metro Kids and been a blessing to us.


For you to benefit most from this experience it is best to come when all programmes are in operation.

January – June

September – December


Volunteers will stay in a family home in Pinelands, a pleasant safe suburb in Cape Town where the Metro Kids offices are based.

How Much

Accommodation and food costs are approximately R6000 per month.

Personal entertainment costs obviously vary on what you want to do but South Africa is a less expensive holiday destination compared to Europe or the USA.

Contact us on

Email janet@metrokidsafrica.org