Junior Leaders

Junior Leaders

Metro Kids’ vision is to raise up young leaders from within the disadvantaged areas in which they live and help them create a better future for their communities. The Junior Leadership programme is a positive step to help make this happen.

When children reach the age of 13, they are invited to become a part of the Junior Leadership Mentorship Programme. This programme is for children who have been part of the Sidewalk programmes and are faithful, consistent and still want to be involved with Metro Kids.

Each month they attend a programme,  that has been especially designed for them. Depending on what stage they are at in their life, they will join one of the three groups available to them at the Junior Leadership day. They have a leader who will mentor them and be there to support them with whatever is going on in their lives. The first group they join is the popular Youth Alpha, which covers the foundations of what a Christian is. Once this is completed, they receive teaching on peer pressure, self worth, what makes a leader, relationships and career choices.

All Junior Leaders are part of the Sidewalk leadership team for the Sidewalk held in their own areas. They attend the weekly Sidewalk training sessions, assist with home visits and play a huge role at the Sidewalk site—they interact with the children, participate in dramas and sing. As they do, they become increasingly confident, until they’re eventually ready to begin to give lessons.

Many children look forward to the day when they can become part of this programme. The difference between these teenagers and teenagers living in their communities who are not part of this is noticeable. The Metro Kids Junior Leaders are making positive choices, which affects their school life and home life and  helps make a difference in their own communities.